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[OPEN!] Commissions Summary by Haruka-Tavares [OPEN!] Commissions Summary by Haruka-Tavares
EDIT 25/11/2017: I am currently open to commissions!

Since I see many people doing this in order to bring a bigger attention to this kind of service (because I can understand not everyone decides to follow journals) I created a visual summary of my commission services. A full Service Terms of Use document will be shown privately through dA Note to people interested in commissioning me a work. Please have a look to the price table and other details and feel free to contact me if interested!

• No background - Free
• Simple background* (One or two colour tones in an abstract background) - Extra 2,50€ (1 character), Extra 5,00€ (2 characters), Extra 7,50€ (3 characters), Extra 7,50€ + 2,50€ per character (4 characters or more)
• Other kind of backgrounds* - Price to be calculated case by case.

* - These prices do not apply for painted works, where prices are calculated case by case.

What I can draw

- Male characters
- Female characters
- Humans
- Animals
- Creatures
- Fanart
- Original characters (as long they belong to you)
- Nudity
- Some fetishes (Scroll down for more info)

What I don't draw

- Porn
- Some fetishes (Scroll down for more info)
- Fetish scenarios with under-aged characters
- Hate art
- OCs that belong to other people and without their express authorization
- Drawings that invoke or relate to religious subjects

Fetishes I can draw:

- Bondage
- Wet & Messy (Mud, Quicksand, Slime, etc)
- Feet
- Tickling
- Barebutts

Fetishes I don't draw:

- Extreme Gore
- Violence
- Vore
- Most Body Fluids/Functions

If interested, please send me a note with "Commissions" in the subject and with all information possible about what you would like to see drawn. If I accept, I will send a PDF document containing the Full Terms and Conditions of the service along with the price calculation.

Each character belongs to its own correspondent creator.
All artworks were drawn by me.
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